Leading New Education Program, Online Trading Academy Shares Key Insights on Crypto Education

For more than 25 years, the team at Online Trading Academy has worked steadfastly to connect students with the information that they need to succeed with responsible risk management investment strategies. Originally founded by CEO Eyal Shahar, OTA has made headlines in recent years thanks to its newfound focus on digital assets, the rise of cryptocurrencies, and how to manage risk in this ever-growing field of opportunity.

With digital wallets becoming rapidly normalized alongside celebrity crypto champions like Elon Musk, it seems only a matter of time until the space reaches more and more people.

To help investors prepare for this rapidly growing and normalizing industry, Online Trading Academy excitedly announced the launch of their Digital Assets course, a five-hour self-guided study on the arts of digital assets and crypto trading.

Preparing For the Future of Crypto

Looking to the past may not help change deals that have been made, but it can be an integral way to move forward in a more expedited way. Online Trading Academy is looking back to the 90s dot com bubble as a learning moment for new investors in the digital assets sphere to gain from. Driven by a fear of missing out, many investors lost everything during the dot-com burst because they wanted to engage more than they wanted to research.

Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director charged with overseeing the new crypto program and he has been vocal in pushing for more knowledge in the sphere before investors begin playing with money. Rothfeld stated, “We are at the precipice of a new economy.”

To help investors to navigate this new economy, the Digital Assets course developed by Online Trading Academy utilizes Core Strategy methodology to better impart lessons through CliK – a new integrated education and analysis trading platform.

Understanding that Digital Assets exist beyond Bitcoin, Rothfeld stated, “Whether I’m teaching options or crypto to someone who has been investing for years (or someone just getting started, my mission is always the same; giving people the tools to make smarter decisions.”

Learn More From Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy has been serving students and preparing future investors through active lessons and game planning for nearly 25 years. CEO Eyal Shahar says that his goal is to help everyday investors in a way that they didn’t have support decades ago. Shahar says, “They didn’t have the skills and tools to trade responsibly. It’s no different today.”

To get students started on their journey toward a better understanding of cryptocurrency and other digital assets, Online Trading Academy proudly announced the launch of its free introductory course titled Crypto Foundations. Crypto Foundations includes six incredible video lessons all designed around making everyday investors more comfortable exploring the world of crypto and other digital assets.

Learn more about the Online Trading Academy by exploring their lessons, introductory courses, and complimentary materials.

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